IEA Celebrates a Commitment to Inclusion Everyday 

Diversity and inclusion have become buzzwords out in the world. But, what does a diverse and inclusive world look like?

“A melting pot. It means embracing and celebrating all the unique things about a diverse world and living together harmoniously,” said Faith Charakupa, EIT (IEA Dallas, Engineer-in-Training).  

Alberto Dorantes, PE, CFM (IEA Houston, Project Manager) feels that diversity and inclusion means everyone had the opportunity to contribute and move up.  

“When individuals know the organization and team value them and welcome their different backgrounds you plant the seeds for growth, innovation, and inspiration in a team,” said Dorantes.  

IEA’s goal is to amplify the contributions of diverse, contemporary STEM leaders at IEA and in the public. Using our online platform, IEA’s intention is to raise public awareness of their work and notable achievements while motivating others to take time to learn more about these individuals beyond the limited knowledge that Twitter’s maximum character count allows us to convey.  

“I think that making an effort in diversity and inclusion is valuable to every company as it focuses on building a positive company culture. It also helps people feel as though they belong to a community and build trust amongst one another. And I’m thankful that IEA tries to highlight diversity/inclusion by highlighting employees of different backgrounds and individuals in the STEM during different heritage months!” said Lena Lee (IEA Austin, Marketing/Administrative Assistant).  

IEA recognizes that it is vital to raise awareness of the contributions made by professionals with varying backgrounds that often go overlooked. By highlighting the personal experience and accolades of diverse STEM leaders in both the public eye and in our own offices, we hope to demonstrate our continued focus on educating others of the stories of individuals in the STEM world that often go overlooked while providing them with a source of positive representation year-round.  

“I enjoy hearing all of the unique stories and perspectives that our diverse team provides. By viewing our work through different life experiences, we can better serve our team members, and our clients,” said Bryan Alldredge, PE (IEA Fort Worth – Fort Worth Office Director).    

Time-based awareness campaigns are useful tools in keeping people educated and informed. While these STEM visionaries prove there is much for us to aspire to, it’s important to us that you know we are committed to #InclusionEverday. At IEA, we believe that raising awareness of the diversity that makes up the STEM industry is more than just a trend. 

Charakupa said that IEA’s diversity and inclusion initiatives are a work in progress.  

“I don’t think that this is an initiative that any corporation can claim to have mastered. It is an ongoing process that will undoubtedly continue to evolve. Having a management team that continuously prioritizes diversity and inclusion goals is great start,” said Charakupa. 

With that in mind – we look forward to the opportunity to champion the successes of our IEA Team and other STEM leaders we’ve selected over the next year.