Who We Are

Change for the sake of change isn’t always better. At IEA, we learn the way you approach your infrastructure projects. Then, we offer solutions that meet your context and needs. This ensures we design projects that are sustainable and maintainable.

IEA was founded in 2008 to provide clients with professional engineering services committed to positive work performance. Performance is defined as: delivering quality projects on time and budget, to the client’s satisfaction; achieving sustainable growth by optimizing revenues and profitability; and continual development of all employees to win work, perform the work, and create value for our clients.

IEA Values


We're always working to be safer. Engineering and construction professionals offer a range of health and safety hazards. We keep health and safety top of mind to ensure:

  • Our employees feel safe.
  • Construction crews, inspectors, and users of work zones feel safe.
  • Pedestrians feel safe.


Quality is only achieved if our clients perceive our projects as quality. Communication is the first step in the quality process. IEA Project Managers take the time to understand why a project is happening and what in our client’s mind will make the project a success. We then follow a documented QA/QC process tailored to the specific project and communicate that with our internal and external team members.

Ultimately, a quality project to us is one that leads to a successfully constructed project on schedule and on budget.


You should enjoy where you work. And at IEA, we do. IEA prides ourselves on a culture of positive partnership. So, what does that mean?

  • We collaborate.
  • We support each other.
  • We find ways to ensure all employees have professional and personal successes to feel fulfilled.
  • We celebrate and recognize positive work performance by all individuals throughout IEA.

We want each IEA employee to feel pride and ownership in their work.