Congratulations to Our New Shareholders at IEA!

With the continual growth of the company, IEA is excited to announce the addition of 4 new shareholders.

New IEA Shareholders 

Bryan Alldredge, PE: Fort Worth Director, 7 years with IEA  

Kyle Moynihan, PE, CFM: Director of Municipal Services, 4 years with IEA  

Jennifer Nelson-Smith: Director of Marketing, 12 years with IEA  

Bobby Ramthun, PE: Project Manager, 2 years with IEA   

These four individuals have all played a significant role in the growth of IEA. At larger companies,  It’s not always easy for employees to witness the impact of their efforts firsthand. Bobby Ramthun shares a similar thought, “I appreciate the fact that being a smaller firm, IEA offers a greater opportunity to have more direct impact in the company’s success.” While newer to IEA, Ramthun has already shown great success in obtaining key opportunities for the company in the Austin area. 

Similarly, Bryan Alldredge has led IEA’s growing presence in Fort Worth by delivering several high-profile and complex projects. Having been with IEA for 7 years, Alldredge praised the company saying, I believe in IEA’s direction and leadership, and I think there is a bright future here to work on exciting projects with great clients and industry partners.”  

It’s success like this that leads to the opportunity to become a shareholder. COO, Craig Hester, explained this further saying, “A consulting firm isn’t recognized by just the name of the firm. It’s recognized by its staff. Shareholders have gained a reputation for technical excellence and client satisfaction. Remember, clients don’t necessarily hire the firm, they are hiring an individual and their staff. Shareholders are the primary “face” of IEA. Also, shareholders drive our culture, winning approach, and work atmosphere.”  

While these individuals show great leadership within their teams, they also cultivate IEA’s culture of Positive Partnership. Kyle Moynihan played a significant role in transforming the culture of IEA’s drainage group with his leadership, an opportunity that has strengthened his career with the company.  “The reason I choose to be at IEA is the endless opportunity and support that is given to me by all of our leadership.” Moynihan continued, “It is an exciting time to be here, and I am looking forward to continuing my career under Shakeel’s great leadership.” 

Jennifer Nelson-Smith shared similar praises of IEA’s leadership and opportunities. When starting her career with IEA 12 years ago, becoming a shareholder was not on her radar. I’ve always wanted to do a good job, make good connections, and live a comfortable life. IEA let me do that and more.” Nelson-Smith, who established and built  IEA’s marketing department, shares a look at her growth and future saying, “I’ve learned, grown, excelled, and now I’m getting to help mentor others. I’m excited to get to find new ways as a shareholder to help IEA and all of our amazing employees to grow.”  

The leadership and achievements of these new shareholders will help guide IEA to continued success. Hester shared his excitement for IEA’s future, “Expanding the IEA Shareholder base ensures IEA will continue to move forward for many, many years to come.”