We’ve Launched – Check Out IEA’s New Website!

Branded website with an enhanced user experience and fresh content focused on IEA's core values.

IEA’s updated website adds a description of IEA’s core values, improves the breakdown of what we do, and a provides a space to highlight our employees.  

The website features an IEA News area, a space to update IEA’s employees, clients, and the AEC community on what is going on at IEA.  

“IEA’s story is the page I’m most excited about, under the Who We Are section. It’s been a vision of mine to do a timeline for a few years now. I’ve been amazed at the growth we’ve had. The offices we’ve opened. The incredible people we’ve hired, trained, and promoted. The timeline gives a snapshot of that amazing story. I’m proud to work for IEA and of our story,” said Jennifer Nelson-Smith, IEA’s Director of Marketing.   

IEA’s new branded look comes after a year of exploring solutions.  

“We had been working on our branded look and feel for a while, and the website didn’t match that. So, in August 2022, we started talking about ways to improve the website. Ways to help our users, like a search bar and breadcrumbs to help get around our sites. Those were ideas from my amazing team that have really helped functionality,” Nelson-Smith said.  

The website was planned for a 2023 update, then it got expedited due to hosting needs.  

“Suddenly in the fall it was time to make it happen because we needed to move where we were hosted. So, we took the plans and worked with a new web developer to make the plans a reality,” Nelson-Smith said.  

This is the second update the IEA website has had since it was originally formed, with the last update occurring in 2017.  

“I think we got most of what we planned. Everything but videos. But I believe that is still an upcoming attraction for us at IEA. I just want to be sure we include them in a way that still allows users quick access to all of our pages. I don’t want to slow anyone down,” Nelson-Smith said.