Taxiway NA Reconstruction, George Bush Intercontinental Airport
Houston, TX

IEA is the Prime Consultant for the reconstruction of Taxiway NA at George Bush Intercontinental Airport, involving design, bidding, and construction phase services.

The project provides for the full depth pavement reconstruction and expansion of 9,450 linear feet of Taxiway NA to address recurring age-related pavement failures and to implement new FAA Aircraft Design Group VI and Taxiway Design Group 7 criteria. The scope also includes the reconstruction and expansion of eight connecting taxiways south of Taxiway NA and three connecting taxiways and four high speed exits to the north between Taxiway NA and the airport’s primary arrival Runway 8R-26L. Work includes reconstructed and expanded asphalt shoulders, pavement section subdrains, storm sewer replacement, thermoplastic and painted markings, airfield lighting infrastructure, implementation of LED fixture and associated vault regulator upgrades, and airfield signage.


One of the key sustainable solutions implemented by IEA was the use of recycled concrete. We explored alternative materials for the aircraft pavement subbase course and developed a plan to recycle demolished concrete for use as shoulder base layers and as construction haul roads. Not only did this approach significantly reduce costs, but it also promoted sustainability by minimizing the need for new materials. 


IEA worked closely with FAA, Houston Airport System (HAS), and the airlines to develop a construction phasing plan that minimized operational impacts and ensured the safety of airport operations. By collaborating extensively with all parties involved, we were able to achieve a runway closure duration of 60 days, reducing project lengths and costs while maintaining the airlines' satisfaction. 

At IEA, we understand the unique challenges of working on an active airport. Our experienced team navigated the complexities of eight construction phases, coordinating extensively with FAA Air Traffic Control and Airport Operations to minimize traffic impacts. We also conducted weekly coordination meetings with stakeholders, addressing their questions and concerns to maintain open lines of communication throughout the project. 

The successful completion of the Taxiway NA reconstruction at IAH is a testament to IEA's expertise in sustainable infrastructure solutions. We are proud to have played a key role in enhancing the airport's infrastructure while minimizing our environmental footprint. 


Taxiway NA Reconstruction


Houston, TX

Services Provided

Pavement Design
Construction Support Services (CSS)
Widening of Asphalt Shoulders
Existing Storm Drain Replacement