OSR TxDOT Bryan District
Bryan, TX

IEA is the prime CEI consultant for this bridge replacement project. This project is using a "Foamed Asphalt" sub-grade treatment.

IEA began Construction, Engineering and Inspection services for the rehabilitation of the existing SH OSR in the Bryan District in November 2019.

This rehabilitation project was the first in the Bryan District to use A+B letting and includes grading, widening, 4 single span bridges, and 3 multi span bridges utilizing pre-cast sub-structures and a fully pre-cast superstructure. The construction is being phased in 2-mile stretches.

One unique aspect of the SH OSR Rehabilitation is the use of a “Foamed Asphalt” sub-grade treatment process. This process is a subgrade stabilization measure that is completed in approximately 2 hours, allowing the highway to be reopened to traffic faster than traditional methods.

IEA is maintaining all project records in a digital format for SH OSR. All digital records have enabled the IEA Team and TxDOT office staff to seamlessly transition to work from home status during the current COVID-19 crisis while still ensuring all required project documentation is in place. Originally expected to be completed in August 2022, IEA’s CEI team expects to be able to complete the project within 50% of the estimated bid time frame with an estimated completion date between May and June 2021.


Bryan, TX

Services Provided

Construction, Engineering, and Inspection