OSR TxDOT Bryan District
Bryan, TX

IEA is the prime CEI consultant for this bridge replacement project. This project is using a "Foamed Asphalt" sub-grade treatment.

IEA served as the Prime Construction, Engineering and Inspection (CEI) consultant for the reconstruction of 26-miles of 2-lane roadway in the Bryan District.

The project included grading, widening, 4 single-span bridges, and 3 multi-span bridges utilizing pre-cast sub-structures and a fully pre-cast superstructure. This project was the first in the Bryan District to use A+B letting.

One unique aspect of the SH OSR project was the use of a “Foamed Asphalt” sub-grade treatment process. This process is a subgrade stabilization measure completed in approximately 2 hours, allowing the highway to be reopened to traffic faster than traditional methods.

Safety: IEA followed our mandatory safety practices on this project, which included following OSHA procedures, wearing appropriate PPE, and ensuring personal vehicles were in designated parking areas. By following this, no major incidents occurred.

Record Keeping: IEA maintained all project records in a digital format for SH OSR. IEA’s Record Keeper managed the records proactively, resulting in minimal comments by DCO for the 30/60/90% audits.

Inspection: SH OSR used accelerated bridge construction with pre-cast substructures and superstructures. While pre-cast elements were constructed in the yard, points were set at ¼, ½, and ¾ to check deadload/deflection, deck thickness, and steel clearances of the structures. After the deck sections were assembled in permanent locations, IEA used Surface Test Ty A to verify ride quality. No corrective actions were needed, and the decks received the final grooving.

Utilities: A gas line was encountered during construction which conflicted with corrective measures for erosion protection at Elm Creek. IEA coordinated with TxDOT and then the gas company to cap, evacuate, and monitor the gas line during construction.



Bryan, TX

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Construction, Engineering, and Inspection