US 180, SH 199, SH 171/FM 51 and FM 2552 Mill & Overlays, TxDOT
Weatherford and Springtown, TX

IEA is the prime CEI consultant for this bridge replacement project. This project is using a "Foamed Asphalt" sub-grade treatment.

These 4 projects consisted of mill & HMAC overlays 2 to 4 lane urban arterials. FM 2552 was 2.5 miles. US 180 project was 5 miles. SH 171 was 1.2 miles. SH 199 was 9.1 miles. The projects also included repairing base failures and applying pavement markings.

IEA was the prime construction engineering and inspection consultant responsible for contract administration and roadway and materials inspection.


SH 171 Existing Condition


Weatherford and Springtown, TX

Services Provided

Construction, Engineering, and Inspection