Tarrant County, TX

This US 287 project in Mansfield consisted of reversing Northbound and Southbound entrance/exit ramps on this heavily traveled urban freeway and construction of a new u-turn at Debbie Lane.

IEA served as the Construction Engineering and Inspection team, providing contract administration and managing the roadway, structures and material inspection.

The project involved pavement removals, lime treated subgrade, HMA, concrete paving, driveways, and landscaping. This project also involved extensive coordination with the City of Mansfield who provided 100% funding.

Partnering for Project Success:

During Phase 2 of Construction, the existing Mainlane shoulder was used as a wheel path. Shortly after switching traffic, the existing shoulder began to fail. IEA swiftly partnered with the Contractor to brainstorm a repair and negotiate pricing, and then submitted to TxDOT for approval. The corrective action of milling and inlaying 8” of hot mix was accepted by TxDOT and the work was performed within 48 hrs. The swift actions resulted in minimal additional costs to the contract by negotiating the use of existing bid prices and resulted in 0 lost time production to the contract schedule.


Tarrant County, TX

Services Provided

Construction, Engineering, and Inspection