Hydrology and Hydraulics for Sims Bayou (Sections SI04 and SI05) Buffalo Speedway to Airport Boulevard
Houston, TX

IEA is the hydrology and hydraulics task lead for this ongoing project.

This project will include a trail and trail connections along the north side of Sims Bayou between Buffalo Speedway and Airport Boulevard, for a distance of over 5 miles. The project will consider the north slope of Sims Bayou as the project area from the edge of water (on day of base flow in Sims Bayou) to the top of bank.

IEA is responsible for the floodplain fill impact analysis, conveyance analysis, and hydraulic impact analysis. IEA will handle coordination with the HCFCD and City of Houston Floodplain Management Office on drainage report approval. IEA is coordinating design with other consultants who are preparing plans, specifications, and estimates for the trail infrastructure, landscaping and lighting improvements, and other pedestrian amenities.


Houston, TX

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