Patrick AFB Condition Assessments, USACE
Buffalo, NY and El Paso, Tx

IEA provided support services to the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for 17 Land Port of Entry’s (LPOE) in Buffalo, New York and El Paso, Texas.

IEA was responsible for visual assessments of facility conditions, documentation and data quality control (QC) using the US Army Corps of Engineers provided software platform developed by the Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL).  

IEA was part of the Real Property of Installed Equipment (RPIE) Team, The RPIE Team had seven groups performing the condition assessments, with two staff members per group. The RPIE Team was responsible for 290 building inspections (2,845,357 SF). IEA’s assessments included mechanical, electrical and plumbing assessments of the AFB facilities. IEA used BUILDER Remote Entry Database (BRED) to log the assessments. 


Buffalo, NY and El Paso, Tx

Services Provided

Assessment and Data Quality Control