IH 10 Segment 4, TxDOT, Yoakum District
Sealy, TX

IEA Inc. was the Prime Consultant responsible for management and design of 3.3 miles of controlled access interstate highway reconstruction from East Crooked Branch to west of FM 3538.

The project included 6 mainlanes with 2-way to 1-way frontage road conversion and ramps.

Roadway Design:

IEA designed barrier frontage road, sidewalk ramps, stop bars, cross walks, traffic signal poles, horizontal alignments, vertical profiles, and ditch profiles to provide smooth alignments that minimized right-of-way takes.

Traffic Control Plans (TCP):

IEA designed TCP and phasing on IH 10 to keep a minimum of 2 lanes of mainline traffic open in each direction for all phases. IEA's TCP also maintained traffic on the frontage road while maintaining access to all properties during all phases during the 2-way to 1-way conversion.

Bridge Design:

IEA designed a 3-span bridge over Little Bernard Creek. IEA calculated the vertical clearances of a bridge over the IH 10 mainlanes and frontage roads. IEA prepared bridge layouts and detailed design of Pyka Underpass bridge replacement for a minimum vertical clearance of 18'-6" to accommodate frontage road freight corridor. IEA incorporated the bridge aesthetic details into the plans.

Drainage Design:

IEA designed culverts and longitudinal drainage of mainlanes and frontage roads and produced the drainage report. IEA increased the size of cross-drainage structures to meet design criteria.


IH 10 Sealy during Construction


Sealy, TX

Services Provided

Prime Consultant