Traffic Impact Analysis, DFW International Airport
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

IEA conducted Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) for three locations at the DFW International Airport.

The TIA’s were conducted to determine the travel demand generated by the proposed developments, identify deficiencies in the existing and proposed transportation system, and identify improvements necessary to maintain acceptable levels-of-service (LOS) at the proposed development and the surrounding roadway system, including affected signalized and unsignalized intersections within the traffic distribution network.  

TIA – Coppell Industrial Development 

The TIA addressed a site that was part of the planned area known as Coppell Industrial, approximately 149 acres, in the southwest quadrant of the intersection of Royal Lane and Bethel Road, approximately ¼ mile north of the freeway interchange at IH 635 and Royal Lane. 

TIA – Southgate Land Development 

This TIA addressed a 32-acre development comprised of office, retail / restaurant, and hospitality uses. The site development was located at the intersection of Rental Car Drive and N. Service Road. Access into the site development will be from Rental Car Drive, N. Service Road, and S. 24th Avenue. 

TIA – Bandera Ventures Development 

The TIA addressed a site that was part of the planned area known as Northwest Logistics, approximately 16 acres, between Mustang Drive to the North and 17th Street to the west and south, approximately ½ mile south of the freeway interchange of SH 114/121 and Main Street. 


Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

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