Neighborhood Street Reconstruction
City of Fort Worth, TX

IEA provided design services for the City of Fort Worth’s 2008 Capital Improvements Program for the reconstruction of neighborhood streets.

The contract included reconstruction of three residential streets - Lloyd Avenue (Vinson St. to S. Dead End), Normont Circle (Norma St. to S. Cul-De-Sac), and Vinson Street (Griggs Ave. to Hughes Ave.). The approximate construction cost of the project was $1.0M. IEA was responsible for providing the construction plans, bid documents, and Engineer’s estimate of probable cost.

There were 31 driveways on these streets and existing ROW was limited. IEA designed the profile to keep the proposed construction within the existing ROW while providing smooth driveway transitions which met the City’s design criteria. The existing streets did not have continuous sidewalks or meet ADA requirements. IEA’s design met ADA requirements and slope requirements for the driveways.

The existing streets had side ditches with non-continuous sidewalks. The storm water was ponding at almost every driveway. IEA provided positive drainage by using existing grade at the ROW to setup top of curb elevation on each side.

IEA’s contract included the replacements of 718 LF of 8” waterline on Lloyd Avenue and 1,254 LF of 8” sanitary sewer lines on Lloyd Avenue and Normont Circle, prior to the street reconstruction. IEA provided for uninterrupted water and sewer service during construction in the construction sequencing.


Project site photos after construction.


Fort Worth, TX

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Street Reconstruction