Street Rehabilitation for Nantucket Drive
City of Richardson, TX

IEA provided street rehabilitation design services for Nantucket Drive in the City of Richardson.

The limits for the Nantucket Drive rehabilitation began at the intersection of Old Campbell Road and Nantucket Drive, extending south along Nantucket Drive (approximately 1800’) to Melrose Drive.

IEA analyzed the existing paving and drainage and designed partial andselective reconstruction of sidewalks, streets and drive approaches resurfacing of street blocks that were partially reconstructed, drainage improvements to the existing system replacement of incompliant BFRs to beet the required design criteria and TDLR requirements.

IEA performed a cost benefit analysis for different alternatives for road segments. IEA proposed an innovative treatment of full reconstruction with resurfacing or alternate micro-surfacing of the less deteriorated blocks. This saved significant cost to stay on-budget and provided a fresh look to an aged but fair condition street.


Nantucket Drive and Melrose Drive intersection before construction (left) and Nantucket Drive before construction (right).


Richardson, TX

Services Provided

Street Rehabilitation Design