Traffic Engineering Services for the Traffic Management Division
City of Fort Worth, TX

IEA Inc. was the Prime Consultant providing On-Call design services for the maintenance of traffic signals for the Traffic Management Division of the City of Fort Worth as part of the 2018 Bond Program.

IEA designed improvements for 20 intersections, including signal heads, pedestrian heads, pedestrian push buttons, mast arms, ADA ramps, crosswalks, phasing, cabinets, ground boxes, pavement markings, signs, and sidewalks.

Signal layout plans showed signal removal, proposed signal layouts, conduit run layouts, a summary of conduits and cables, signal phasing diagram, pavement marking layouts and ADA ramp detail layouts.

Pedestrian hybrid beacons were installed at strategic locations where there was heavy pedestrian traffic to ensure safety. We located existing utilities to avoid potential conflicts with proposed improvements.

IEA field verified operational reliability after the installation was complete.

Safe, Cost-Effective Design: A major challenge was the low maintenance budget. IEA performed field meetings to confirm our design solutions and to identify limits of construction. IEA utilized recent “lessons learned” to provide comprehensive, safe solutions for these rehabilitation projects to minimize long-term maintenance costs and limits of the construction to keep the project within budget and schedule.

There were numerous utility conflicts on these projects. IEA resolved these through proactive meetings with the utilities, the use of exhibits to display conflicts and recommendations, and field visits to verify conflicts were avoided.

Construction was performed by City of Fort Worth and On-Call Contractors to repair and replace signals.


Intersection of Oakmont Trail with Oakmont Blvd. - IEA added a Pedestrian head to improve an ADA ramp to make it more pedestrian-friendly.


Fort Worth, TX

Services Provided

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