Bridge Load Ratings, Trinity Railway Express (TRE)

IEA provided engineering inspection and analysis of the steel spans of 10 bridges for the Trinity Railway Express (TRE) to determine the overall bridge rating and each bridge’s individual structural component rating in its current condition.

Included in the analysis were the normal safe load rating capacity for each bridge and the bridge’s maximum safe load rating capacity at various restricted speeds ranging from 10 mph to 79 mph in 10 mph increments. Determination of the vertical clearances for these bridges, along with the vertical clearance of an additional 19 bridges, was also provided to TRE. All work was completed in compliance with the AREMA Railroad Bridge Inspection Handbook, 2008, the RFA Safety Advisory, the FRA CFR, Part 213, Statement of Agency Policy on the Safety of Railroad Bridges, and the AREMA Manual of Railway Engineering (AREMA MRE), Chapter 15, dated 2012.

IEA was working with subconsultant, LambStar Engineering, LLC, to provide High Definition Survey, or Laser Scanning, of the bridges. All pavement, curb and gutters, bent, girder and abutment features were located for each span. High resolution digital photographs of each span and the existing posted clearance were also noted. The use of laser scanning prevented the need for lane closures in all locations of this project. Lamb-Star’s crews were inspecting each bridges location and endured sufficient data was collected.

Services Provided

Engineering Inspection and Analysis